PORT for Health: last days of registration

The last days of registration for the PORT for Health: Neuroscience conference is ahead of us. Participants have the time to register until October 10th.

It is only a week until the 1st PORT for Health: Neuroscience meeting! During three intense days (13-15 October 2021), we will hear lectures related to affective disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, and eating disorders. The conference program includes over 20 speeches by experts from all over the world.

Keynote lectures will be delivered by:

️ Isabelle Mansuy, Universität Zürich and ETH Zürich (affective disorders),

✔️ Anna Molofsky, University of California, San Francisco (neurodevelopmental disorders),

✔️ Daniela Cota, Neurocentre Magendie, Université de Bordeaux (eating disorders).

The organizer of the conference is the Life Sciences and Biotechnology Center in Łukasiewicz – PORT.

PORT for Health: Neuroscience 2021 is the first in a series of scientific conferences at Łukasiewicz – PORT focused on key challenges at the interface of science and medicine. These meetings will bring together scientists, clinicians, and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry to discuss topics important for human health and the development of modern biomedical sciences. The main topics of discussion include basic molecular mechanisms and the development of disease models, the search for new drugs, and the possibility of novel targeted therapies in personalized medicine. This year, the subject of the conference will be neurobiology with particular attention to neuropsychiatry.

We invite you to participate online!

The conference language is English.

The registration fee is PLN 80.

The registration form is available here.