Neuroscience in PORT

Significant topics related to human health, outstanding experts, three days of lectures and discussions:  Łukasiewicz – PORT invites you to participate in the scientific conference “PORT for Health: Neuroscience 2021”, to be held on October 13-15, 2021. The online registration of participants has just started.

The organizer of the international PORT for Health: Neuroscience conference is the Łukasiewicz – PORT Life Sciences & Biotechnology Center. The conference program will be dedicated to neurobiological basis of neuropsychiatric disorders. Lectures will be conducted by eminent specialists from the top-notch science centers in Europe, United States, and China.

The conference date is October 13-15, 2021. Due to the pandemic situation, it will ran in the hybrid format. Each day will be  dedicated to a different topic: affective disorders, eating disorders, and neurodevelopmental disorders. In total, participants will listen to more than 20 live-streamed lectures and take part in discussions. The full program and a list of invited speakers is available at

Łukasiewicz – PORT will be represented by the leaders of three Research Groups from the Life Sciences & Biotechnology Center, specializing in neuroscience.

Michał Ślęzak Ph.D. – the leader of the Biology of Astrocytes Research Group. The team aims to understand the functions in brain physiology and pathology, particularly in the context of depression.

Witold Konopka, Ph.D. – the leader of the Neuroplasticity and Metabolism Research Group. The team strives to define the precise regulation of peripheral metabolism by the brain. The Group focuses on the regulation of eating – especially the feeling of hunger and satiety.

Tomasz Prószyński, Ph.D. – the leader of the Synaptogenesis Group, which conducts multidisciplinary research aimed at understanding the mechanisms regulating the formation and organization of synapses in the central nervous system and their aberrations in disease.

PORT for Health: Neuroscience is the first of a series of conferences at the Institute of Łukasiewicz Research Network dedicated to important issues in science and medicine. These meetings  will bring together scientists, clinicians, and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, who will jointly discuss topics crucial to modern biomedical sciences and human health. They will focus on basic molecular mechanisms and the development of physiological models of disease, new drug targets, and targeted treatments in personalized medicine. This year, the subject of the conference will be neurobiology, in future – oncology.

The conference language is English.

Registration is open to October 10, 2021. The registration fee is PLN 80.

The registration form is available here.