Lokalizacja Wrocław
Deadline 27.10.2021

We currently seek applicants for


Location: Wrocław, Poland

Ref. no. PhD/TP2/2021

Synaptogenesis group is a laboratory conducting multidisciplinary research on skeletal muscles, neuromuscular junctions, and the brain. Our laboratory is multicultural with half of the lab members coming from abroad. We are committed to conduct innovative research on the best international level. Our resent publication Rojek K. et al., „Amot and Yap1 regulate neuronal dendritic tree complexity and locomotor coordination in mice” published in Plos Biology 2019 May 1;17(5):e3000253 has been awarded with prestigious Konorski Award for the best publication in neuroscience in Poland published in 2019.

Currently, we are recruiting Post-doc to a project financed by National Science Center (NCN) grant 2018/29/B/NZ3/02675. In this project we will study the molecular mechanisms that regulate development of the postsynaptic machinery using a variety of methods including confocal microscopy, cell culture, complex biochemistry, and use of genetically modified mice as a model system. By joining the project, you will learn a lot of techniques from various fields of biology and the obtained results will likely be published in good international journals.

Major responsibilities:

  • Planning, designing and conducting scientific experiments.
  • Writing manuscripts, presenting results at international scientific meetings.
  • Active participation in the laboratory operations.
  • Supervising Ph.D. students and technicians


  • Ph.D. degree (or equivalents).
  • Scientific productivity proven in publication record.
  • Experience in laboratory work in the field of biology especially in cell biology, biochemistry, or neuroscience.
  • Leadership and excellent organizational skills.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Very good English (both written and spoken).
  • Experience in neuroscience, muscle research, and in mouse studies will be additional benefit.
  • Knowledge of any of the following techniques will be considered as added value: immunostaining of cells and tissues, confocal microscopy, Western-blot, co-immunoprecipitation, protein purification, molecular cloning, PCR and qRT-PCR, viral-based gene delivery, cell culture, performing experiments on mice, breading of transgenic and knockout animals.

Our offer:

  • Full time scholarship or contract of employment.
  • Competitive salaries.
  • Work in young, dynamic and ambitious group.
  • Cutting edge research with a good publishing record of the group.
  • Training in the use of modern techniques including work with conditional knockout mice for tissue-specific deletion, complex biochemistry and protein complex purification, in vivo imaging of synapses.
  • We subsidies private medical care.

Please send your resume via link:

Application deadline: 27.10.2021

Please note that we will contact only selected candidates.